06 March 2011

A Brief Mannifesto

I believe in the power of the image. I believe especially in the power of the moving image. I believe most of all in the power of the image pieced together with other images to create meaning. I believe in cinema.

That’s my overly pretentious way of introducing this blog/project/depository of ideas. I’ve been somewhat exposed to cinematic criticism and my basic training has lead me to a few standard analysis techniques. The one that has been most rewarding has been the exploration of images chosen by the filmmakers. In particular, the images that the filmmaker chooses to being and end their work. The opening and closing. The alpha and omega. The First and Last.

I don’t find that this exercise always uncovers deep or inner meaning relating to the meaning of the film; sometimes it appears as if the images are completely arbitrary and pointless. But even that discovery has something to offer in respect to how a film can be viewed. How a filmmaker chooses to introduce his film and what he chooses to leave with the audience, whether well thought out or not, can reveal important insights into the process.

I have taken to study these images, the first and last, and find it incredibly rewarding, regardless of the quality or even value of any given film. I haven’t yet found online a blog devoted to this kind of investigation, so, here it is! As such, I should note what sort of criticism I intend to convey: as much as I feel like.

Sometimes I may simply post two images from a film.
Sometimes I may give details on how these images relate to the narrative.
Sometimes I may go into discussion for how these images relate to each other and the overall symbolism of the film.
Sometimes I may not discuss the film at all.

But rest assured; I will always present images.

Unless I decide to do an occasional post about music. Which is possible.

But, for the most part, I’d like to allow this to be a place where I can put up these pictures to demonstrate the power of the image. With that in mind, I may also occasionally post images from the film proper, though, in those cases, I’ll discuss the reasons.

I hope to post images from all manner of films; some perhaps more critically discussed and worthwhile than others; but always with the focus on presenting the power (or lack-thereof) of those images.

On the legal side of things, I intend to follow Fair Use in my posting of images: none of them are for my commercial gain and I only post to provide critical commentary that I hope myself and others in the film community will find uplifting and beneficial.

I hope that this can be a project that inspires others and myself and even engender some discussion. I believe in the power of the image and believe that through its examination, especially in this context, we stand to gain meaningful insights into the meaning of film.

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